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Special Shapes

Special shaped bricks are used to create features in brickwork. BS4729 specifies several hundred special shapes to cover a wide range of applications and Chandlers has teamed up with Hanson Brick to bring you this guide[link to PDF]. We keep a selection of the more popular special shapes in stock and we can source others in a number of different ways.

Special shapes in your chosen brick type can be ordered direct from the manufacturer – this is usually the most cost effective solution but manufacturers do not carry the full range in stock in every brick. This can lead to extended lead times of up to 8 weeks for UK bricks or even longer for imported bricks. One alternative is to use a contrasting brick. We can usually source the full range of BS special shapes in a smooth red, blue, buff or brown brick within 3-4 days.

The third option is for us to have the bricks cut and bonded for you either by the manufacturer or by a local brick cutting specialist. This method takes standard size bricks from your order (or our stock) which are cut, shaped and/or bonded together to make the shape required. The joins in visible faces are then concealed using colour matched sand to give you a special shaped brick which is normally indistinguishable from a traditionally made one.